If you owe back taxes, it can be daunting and sometimes impossible to pay the whole amount at once. However, you can set up a payment plan that will let you pay off your debt in installments so you don’t have to shoulder the whole burden at one time.

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Many people find themselves in a position in which they owe taxes from previous years. When the IRS informs you of this debt, it can be extremely difficult to come up with the entire amount all at once. This is why paying back your tax debt in smaller amounts through an installment agreement is such an important option to have. Installment agreements need to be carefully constructed and monitored, however, so that you do not risk paying more interest than you need to. A tax professional can help you find the right payment plan that will minimize the interest you pay while still helping you to shrink your debt.

Finding that you owe the IRS back taxes is an extremely difficult situation for anyone. But, even if you don’t have the money to pay off the whole amount right away, you still have options. The IRS knows that not everyone can settle their entire back tax debt all at once, so they’re open to negotiating installment agreements as a form of back taxes help. This means that you pay off your debt to the IRS in smaller amounts over a longer length of time. This is a great option since it means that you can address your debt without putting your other financial obligations in jeopardy or tying up all the money you need for day-to-day expenses. The main downside to be aware of, though, is that the IRS will continue to charge interest on whatever outstanding balance you still owe on your tax debt. So, the longer you take to pay it off, the more money you will have to pay the IRS in the long run.

In order to minimize the amount of interest you will pay, it’s important to choose and set up the right installment agreement with the authorities–one that takes into account your current financial health, the amount of your debt, and the interest you will be charged over the lifetime of your payment plan. Unless you are very good with figures and with tax regulations, this is a step best left to a tax professional in your area. They will be able to weigh all the information and to create the installment agreement that best benefits you today and in the long run. They will also take on the task of liaising with the IRS on your behalf and setting up your installment agreement in an official capacity. With the help of your tax professional, you will be able to settle your debt more quickly and with minimal additional cost to you.

Owing back taxes can feel like a nightmare, especially if you think you have to pay everything back all at once. However, by working with a tax professional to create a payment plan that suits your current reality, paying down your IRS debt is possible.

If you owe back income taxes and you don’t have the money on hand to pay the whole amount immediately, setting up an installment agreement with the IRS is an excellent solution that will let you pay down the debt without losing all the money or resources you need for other parts of your life.

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