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Business owners face enough challenges without having to worry about becoming an expert in taxation. But the fact remains that structuring your entity properly and maximizing tax advantages is extremely important to the health of your business.

If you’ve started a new business and need guidance on startup tax relief, get in touch with BC Tax. We’re here to help small businesses throughout Colorado and across the U.S. with tax relief services.

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Structuring Your New Entity

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as the founder of a startup will be about your new business’s structure. Income, inventory management and retirement are just a few of the key elements affected by your corporate structure. For example, some structures allow for larger tax-advantaged retirement contributions. Others permit counting income as a distribution, helping reduce self-employment tax.

BC Tax can:

  • Provide guidance on the corporate entity that will help you achieve your financial goals
  • Complete and file necessary paperwork establishing your new entity
  • Position your startup for sustainable growth while optimizing tax laws
  • Help you launch your limited liability company, partnership or corporation

Why take chances and potentially lose out on tax advantages? With BC Tax, you can launch your startup in Colorado or any other state on the right foot.

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Business Income Tax Return Preparation and Planning

Once you’ve established your new entity, you’ll need to track income, expenses, capital investments, inventory and more. And although you can report these activities using your 1040 if you’re a sole proprietor, other corporate entities require more complex forms.

BC Tax can:

  • Prepare quarterly and annual tax documents for the IRS and your state and local tax authorities
  • Deliver accurate returns on time that maximize legitimate tax savings strategies
  • Provide audit defense services in the event that your return attracts scrutiny
  • Assist with small business tax relief services

Audit Representation

Few events strike more fear in the heart of a taxpayer than the discovery that the IRS has selected a return for an audit. Startup owners may be particularly at risk if they attempt to complete their own returns. Small mistakes in declaring income, for example, could lead to thousands of dollars in tax debt, penalties and interest charges. You can avoid problems associated with an audit by consulting BC Tax.

We will:

  • Pull your tax transcript and return and verify entries for accuracy
  • Evaluate your return for potential additional tax savings
  • Manage all communications with the IRS or other tax authority
  • Prepare and submit a corrected return if necessary

Contact BC Tax for New Business Startup Tax Relief in Colorado

If you’re the owner of a new company in Colorado or anywhere in the U.S. seeking startup tax relief, call BC Tax. We can provide you with the guidance you need to prepare your business for growth. We’ll start by providing you with a complimentary consultation with a Senior Tax Consultant. Next, we’ll assign a team of professionals who will help you guide your startup to long-term profitability.

Since 2001, small business owners across Colorado and the United States have turned to us when they need expert advice establishing new entities, preparing returns, managing audits and ensuring full compliance with federal, state and local tax laws. For more information, call BC Tax at (800) 548-4639 or contact us through our online form.

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