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Have you ever opened a notice from the Internal Revenue Service or your state or local tax authority and discovered that they think you owe more than you should? If so, you’re not alone. It’s quite common for the IRS to make mistakes such as double-counting income or including an ex-spouse or business partner’s income on your return.

Before you sigh and grab your checkbook, call BC Tax. We help taxpayers and businesses in Colorado and across America with income tax and other tax dispute resolutions, as well as asset protection planning.

Don’t let an unexpected tax bill keep you up at night — fight back with BC Tax instead.

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How We Fight an Incorrect Tax Account Balance

Our tax dispute resolution process puts our clients first. We start by providing a complimentary consultation with a Senior Tax Consultant to help us evaluate the scope of your situation. Next, we assign an Enrolled Agent to collect and analyze your transcripts, returns and supporting documentation.

Once we review your documents and decide on a strategy, we contact the IRS or other tax authority to appeal on your behalf. Our services include preparing a revised return if necessary and meeting with tax authority representatives to present each case. If the tax authority agrees with our analysis, you may find your balance owed reduced or eliminated.

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What If I Can’t Afford the Balance Owed?

It’s also quite common for taxpayers to learn that they can’t afford to pay the full balance due. If the same happens to you, BC Tax can help. Our services include:

  • Negotiating an installment agreement that will let you pay off your balance owed affordably over time
  • Negotiating tiered installment agreements that gradually increase monthly payments so that they align better with your personal circumstances
  • Negotiating an Offer in Compromise that may significantly reduce your total tax debt
  • Assisting with non-collectible status if your circumstances are so serious that the IRS will not be able to collect its debt

What About Penalties and Interest?

One of the reasons tax debts are so challenging is that penalties are charged by the tax authority. For example, the IRS may assess a penalty if you don’t file on time, don’t pay the full amount owed or neglect to file an extension. Because tax authorities charge interest on penalties and the penalties themselves often increase, these charges grow quickly — and quickly become unaffordable.

BC Tax can help eliminate penalties and interest if the penalties are waived. Although we cannot eliminate interest charged on unpaid taxes, we can make payment arrangements on your behalf and stop collection enforcement actions.

Turn to BC Tax for Tax Dispute Resolution and Asset Protection in Colorado

If you believe the IRS or another tax authority has miscalculated your amount owed, get in touch with BC Tax right away. We’ve helped individuals and businesses in Denver, throughout the state of Colorado and across the United States with asset protection and income tax dispute resolution since 2001.

For more information about tax transcript protest and asset protection planning, call BC Tax at (800) 548-4639 or complete our online contact form.

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