Do You Qualify For Non-Collectable Status?

If you agree that you owe the IRS money for taxes but lack the financial resources to make these payments, let BC Tax help. Since the creation of BC Tax in 2001, we have helped thousands of businesses and individuals successfully overcome their tax debts. Our expert team can assist with IRS, state and local tax debt relief and debt forgiveness regardless of where you file your taxes in the United States.

What Is Non-Collectible Status?

In simple terms, if you have non-collectible or currently not collectible status, the IRS has temporarily stopped trying to collect unpaid taxes from you. The IRS will only designate a taxpayer as being in non-collectible status if an individual can prove that they can no longer pay their tax debt. While non-collectible status does not eliminate or settle the debt you owe, it is an option for taxpayers who lack the funds to pay their debt and need some time to create a plan for their finances.

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What Are the Qualifications Needed for Non-Collectible Status?

To receive non-collectible status from the IRS, a taxpayer must prove that their monthly income is insufficient to pay monthly living expenses. In addition to documents verifying this fact, the IRS may ask you to provide additional information about your finances to prove you are undergoing financial hardship. After you receive non-collectible status from the IRS, all attempts to collect tax debt will cease, including withholding your wages.

At BC Tax, we can help determine if you have the qualifications for currently non-collectible status. Our team can help you by:

  • Preparing and filing all prior and present tax returns.
  • Analyzing factors such as your assets and income to determine if an alternative such as a partial payment program would be more beneficial.
  • Communicate directly with the IRS to temporarily pause their efforts to collect your tax debt.
  • Filing appeals as needed.

Alternatives to Pursue If You Do Not Qualify as Currently Not Collectible

There are many strategies available to help taxpayers with tax debt relief. If you do not qualify for currently non-collectible status, you may be eligible for options such as Offer in Compromise, filing bankruptcy, installment payment plans or a partial installment payment plan.

Taking Control of Your Tax Debt Relief

When it comes to debt relief, it’s vital to get professional help as early as possible. Ignoring the problem may only make it worse, as the IRS can collect your tax debt for 10 years after the date your unpaid taxes are due or the date the return was filed. During this period, you may face extreme collection methods such as additional interest fees, penalties and seizure of your property and wages.

How Can BC Tax Help With Receiving Currently Not Collectible Status?

The experts at BC Tax have many years of experience in IRS collection and tax controversy. Our practice has the knowledge, expertise and technical ability to produce outstanding results for all our clients. We are proud to provide tax services for clients at our headquarters in Colorado and across the United States. To learn more about our services or schedule your complimentary consultation today, speak to one of our tax experts by calling 800-548-4639 or completing our online contact form.

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Corey DavisCorey Davis
17:30 24 Sep 23
I worked with BC tax , not only did they not deliver on helping lower my tax liability owed, after paying the $1250 fee they come and ask for... additional 1250. I stated the experience did not meet expectations and I wasn’t working with them any longer , they call and email asking if we can do a payment plan ( ask if I can’t pay a measly$ 1250) . I can but I won’t waste my money. This firm os just out to take your money but fail to deliver the services promised. You can never call and get an answer, always voicemails till they call you . Don’t waste your time and more
Alesia DietrichAlesia Dietrich
22:31 07 Jul 23
Dan Roby, a gentleman, a wealth of knowledge, a friend. This man took the time to tell me not once, but twice how to handle my awful issues with the... IRS. Even though they’re not extreme, they are enough to keep me from sleeping at night. Dan explained that I should reach out to my original IRS case worker and explain to them my current position and be super honest. Explain a change of circumstances, explain the fact that I am soon to have to pay back student loans that I’m living paycheck to paycheck, and that I’m even having a hard time putting food on my table. And to ask the IRS person to give me an extended “loa” of all payments.… After being on the phone with the IRS for over two hours, and having multiple screens open, with my bank accounts my net pay, what I owe for different bills, The IRS gave me a conditional extension on what I owe them. What a sigh of relief. I wouldn’t have been able to do this on my own, without Dan’s kind knowledgeable advice, I came out a winner. This man is so awesome and I would recommend him and BCTax to anyone in need of tax advice!read more
Scott PayneScott Payne
14:10 06 Jul 23
I truly cant say enough good things about my experience with BC Tax. From the initial call they were very clear/concise with what I had ahead of me... and set clear expectations which helped calm my nerves. I really felt like I had a team of people helping me - and they were all on the same page.They cleared up something which had been hanging over my head for several years - IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!WHEN you choose BC TAX, have your documents (Bank statements, income information, etc...) ready for them or be willing to get them the information they need quickly - this will help them help you!!!.read more
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