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With few exceptions, the majority of Americans are required to file tax returns annually. But what if you missed a year? Maybe you had a family emergency, and you completely forgot to file, or perhaps you meant to request an extension, and it didn’t go through.

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Unfiled Tax Help In Denver, CO And Nationwide

Have unfiled tax returns piling up in your office? The time to act on them is now. The longer you wait to file your tax returns, the more scrutiny you will be under with the IRS. It’s only a matter of time before the government pursues your accounts for compensation based on approximations they do on their own. You will unbearably pay more and possibly lose refunds.

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At BC Tax, we can help you clean up those unfiled taxes so you owe the least amount of money possible. At the very least, we will ensure that you do not get in trouble with the government. Our team of tax professionals is here to help you get on the right track with your taxes. We want to relieve your stress and ease your worries at the same time, and our unfiled tax services should help that.

No matter your situation, you need to correct your unfiled tax return. Even if the IRS has not contacted you yet, it will. Solving the matter before then is in your best interest, so you can avoid potentially costly troubles.

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Why You Should File Your Unfiled Tax Return Now

The most urgent reason to file your tax return is that you can face criminal penalties if you fail to catch up. You may need to pay fines or even serve prison time, though that is rare. But you should also correct your tax filing for these three critical reasons:

  1. You may lose your tax refund: If you were due a tax refund, but you failed to file your taxes on time, you have three years to claim the money. If you wait any longer, you forfeit your return.
  2. Your return may take longer to process: The IRS issues fairly prompt returns when you file taxes on time. When you file late taxes, your return gets smaller because you have to pay late penalties, and the IRS also has to spend time calculating the new amount of the refund, which can delay the payment.
  3. The IRS will create a substitute return for you: If you fail to file your taxes, the government tries to do your taxes itself. It bases them on the year’s W2s and 1099s that have already been filed on your behalf by employers and other companies. But the substitute return is extremely basic. It will not include deductions and other tax breaks you may have earned, so your tax bill may be higher than if you calculated the number yourself.

Paying Late Taxes

If you file your taxes by April 15, but you don’t pay the money you owe the IRS, you are still violating the government policy. You have to pay any taxes owed on or before April 15. Failing to do so will spark a penalty on those late taxes. The government charges 0.5% to 1% each month you fail to pay. Even if you got an extension on filing your return, you still have to pay taxes owed by April 15.

Get Assistance With Unfiled Tax Returns In Colorado And Nationwide

Filing back taxes can be confusing. If you have questions or concerns about your unfiled tax return or want to make sure it gets done right, get in touch with BC Taxes. We have a strong track record of assisting people with their tax troubles. We can help you get the situation resolved and back in good standing with the IRS.

If you want to know more about what BC Tax can do for you, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We will go over your situation and discover what kind of assistance you need. Then we will recommend a course of action. If you like what you hear, we will start working on your case right away.

Don’t wait until it is too late. Take care of your unfiled tax returns today so you can set yourself up for success. With a little bit of help on our end, you will be back to where you need to be. We have aided many people, just like you, with similar tax issues. Read their testimonials, then get in touch today with us today.

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