BC Tax recently worked with and represented a client that owed approximately $98,000 in back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service spanning 12 years from 2004 through 2016. With the knowledgable guidance and representation of our tax professionals, we were able to help the client secure an affordable Installment Agreement of only $500 per month (see acceptance letter below).

This program is a Partial Payment Installment Agreement, where in the client will only pay a portion of what they originally owed prior to the expiration dates of the agreement. This program is just one of many our experienced teams of tax professionals are able to utilize when working with and representing you as our client.

If you find yourself owing more than $10,000 to the IRS or your local state taxing authority, please feel free to reach out to us at 800-548-4639 for a free consultation.

$500/month installment agreement