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Established over 21 years ago, BC Tax was organized as the coming together of top professionals in the tax resolution field, with the singular goal of providing the absolute best tax help and tax services for our clients. We built our company on the philosophy that if you put the client first, more clients will come. The results speak for themselves. We’ve¬†helped thousands of individuals and¬†businesses¬†with their tax problems and¬†grown dramatically¬†in the process. We look forward to helping you¬†move toward a bright and prosperous future.

Our team of CPAs, Enrolled Agents and tax professionals is the best in the business. Why is our team so important? Because we believe that pairing our clients with top professionals is the best way to ensure success. Our clients will tell you the same thing. We have the honor of helping clients from around the world resolve their tax problems and tax liabilities. Day in and day out, our team is responsible for helping these individuals get their lives back. That is what BC Tax is about.

How Much Do You Owe?

Nationwide Income Tax Services from Denver, Colorado

There are many reasons why you may be looking for tax resolution. For example, you may have gotten a letter from the IRS or your state tax authority asking for payment. Or you may be facing wage garnishment and may need professionals to help you get the best outcome possible. Whatever your reason for requesting help, BC Tax can provide tax resolution options from our Denver, Colorado location. We do so for individuals and businesses nationwide.

Unfiled Taxes

We can help you get caught up. Have unfiled tax returns piling up in your office? The time to act on them is now.

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Audit Defense

An audit can be very stressful. We can help. Getting audited is never easy, and it can be particularly stressful if you are not properly prepared for it

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Payroll Tax

Our business is helping your business. At BC Tax, we make it our mission to help business owners get through the payroll tax process.

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Back Taxes

We specialize is helping with your back tax problems. We know how to establish the perfect balance so the IRS is just as happy as your bank account.

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Transcript Protest

What to do if the IRS claims that you owe more than you should. We help tax payers and business owners alike with dispute resolution.

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Wage Levy

How to handle a wage levy. An active wage levy gives the Internal Revenue Service the ability to take money away from your paychecks to pay off your past taxes owed.

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IRS Tax Resolution

If you‚Äôre worried about tax protection in Denver, Colorado, reach out to BC Tax.¬†Here’s what makes BC Tax different:

  • A team of seasoned experts:¬†Our team is made up of tax experts, Enrolled Agents, CPAs, senior tax consultants and other professionals who come together to offer you real options. Our financial consultants are expertly trained, experienced IRS negotiators, and our team has a proven record of helping clients by providing tax relief and arranging affordable installment plans.
  • Years of experience serving clients: At BC Tax, we have years of experience offering income tax services in Denver and Westminster, Colorado, as well as surrounding communities, making us an excellent choice when you need help with tax liens or other tax-related concerns. We work directly with the IRS and other taxing authorities every day, and it’s likely we’ve handled many cases similar to yours.
  • Solutions tailored to your needs:¬†We’ll¬†always customize our solutions to your specific case rather than pushing a one-size-fits-all option. We work with clients around the world to offer¬†tailored,¬†practical solutions to a wide variety of tax problems.
  • A supportive and understanding staff: We understand the stress our clients experience. If you’re looking to end back tax collection calls, our staff wants to help. The moment you start working with us, we’ll take over communication with IRS, creditors and other tax authorities so that you can find relief. We’ll walk you through the process of resolving your tax issues step by step, and our team will always be there when you need help.

Client Reviews

My experience with them was wonderful. They helped us get our past taxes done. The rep sent a email and she was communicating with my husband first and then I jumped in and we got it done. Working with them was life changing. I highly recommend them.

BC Tax has been very good at helping me work through my issues or taxes. And Nicole who is the person that I work with has been very helpful. They have helped me get my patched things situated so that I can pay. I’ve been very pleased.

BC Tax reached out to me. I got a bunch of phone calls from different people when the tax lien went on. And after talking to them and other people, I went with them because they explained it to me the best. The rep was very professional and very good. BC Tax has been very […]

BC Tax did an excellent job. Did a total research, and I gave it a try. I got connected with Jasmine. She has been nothing but motivated and helpful. We worked together through COVID. She always took the time. If there was something that I needed to be addressed immediately, she did that. She got […]

I was working with Paula first, but she retired, and Nicole took over. She told me who was taking over my case and the information. They gave me the contact. And I love BC Tax because they got good communication and good customer service there. They let their customers know what’s going on, and they […]

I owed and still owe a lot of money to the IRS in back taxes. That‚Äôs no one else‚Äôs fault. It‚Äôs just something I avoided for a long time and am now suffering the ramifications for. One of the main things I was worried about as a result of my tax debt was the fact […]

T.L., Colorado

Success Stories

A Triumph in Tax Resolution: BC Tax Achieves Full Abatement for New Mexico Client

Navigating the complexities of tax liabilities can be daunting for any taxpayer, especially when facing multiple years of accumulated debts. At BC Tax, we recently had the opportunit [...]

BC Tax Secures Successful Innocent Spouse Relief – IRS Form 8857

BC Tax, on behalf of our client, was recently able to secure a successful determination for a Request for Innocent Spouse Relief, also known as IRS Form 8857. Individuals would use I [...]

$45,000 IRS Debt Resolved to $50 a Month

We recently helped secure a Partial Payment Installment Agreement of only $50 a month for a client that owed the IRS almost $45,000. This type of resolution helps clients secure an a [...]

North Carolina Taxpayer Settles $17k Debt For Only $395

We are proud to share one of our recent successful resolutions where we were able to help a North Carolina taxpayer settle a $17,044 debt with the State of North Carolina for only $3 [...]

Partial Payment Installment Agreement For Only $500

Here is yet another example of a successful outcome for a client of BC Tax. This client had numerous past due balances with the IRS dating back from 2004 through 2016. The total amou [...]

BC Tax Turns $332/month Installment Agreement into $100/month

This resolution is a perfect example where having a team of experienced tax professionals on your side can help, even when it comes to a seemingly simple payment plan with the IRS. A [...]

Our Process

When you reach out to our IRS tax resolution firm, a Senior Tax Consultant will¬†contact you to¬†review your situation. The BC Tax team will review what’s been filed and what needs to be filed¬†and evaluate any conversations, agreements or actions already taken. We can¬†then¬†help you¬†determine what to do next,¬†whether you’re dealing with problems stemming from one year or multiple years, no matter how severe. Plus, with our Money Back Guarantee, your satisfaction is assured.

The goal of our tax resolution center is to reduce your back taxes if possible and work to correct the situation before tax liens are filed and before the tax authority uses aggressive action to recover what you owe. Our tax professionals are honest and provide you with as many options as possible while offering you realistic and accurate information. We will never overpromise and underdeliver.

BC Tax will customize our process to suit your needs. No matter what caused your back taxes, we have the experience and the knowledge to tackle the problem. When you work with us, collection calls stop at once and a tax professional takes charge, helping you turn your situation around.

We Offer Free Consultations Available to Our Clients

We Are Extremely Familiar with IRS & State Tax Codes

We Are Proud to Represent Clients Across the Country

We Are the Most Experienced Negotiators Around

Get Help Now By Calling 1-800-548-4639

If you’re ready to get the tax support you need,¬†contact BC Tax¬†today.¬†We offer a no-obligation consultation, so you can decide whether we’re the right fit for your needs before making a commitment.

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Capri StarrCapri Starr
02:24 10 Jul 24
Corrinda, Nicole and Margaret have helped me so much! I hate dealing with taxes and my finances and they helped me get through a really challenging... more
Katelyn EllisKatelyn Ellis
02:23 10 Jul 24
Corrinda and the team did a great job assisting me with tax compliance and questions about long term planning and resolution. Being a small business... owner the tax burdens and responsibilities can be overwhelming, but BC Tax made this less more
Kody HubertKody Hubert
05:41 09 Jul 24
David and his highly skilled team have been an outstanding choice for my tax problem. I had a bit of a complex matter involving money owed from... crypto and they knew exactly how to address it. BC Tax works hard and most importantly will stay in touch. They were very professional and most importantly kept the costs down. I can confidently say that these guys know their stuff and stay up to date with changing crypto laws. On top of it they got it done for half of what another company wanted to charge more

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