BC Tax Successfully Helped Client Save Over $192,000.00

Jul 18

BC Tax Successfully Helped Client Save Over $192,000.00

BC Tax successfully helped a client recently save over $192,000.00. They had balances ranging over a 5 year period with a total balance of just over $194,000. We were successful in securing an Offer in Compromise of only $1,898.03 which is a savings of over $192,000.00. We were also able to help get the client […]

May 18

BC Tax Negotiates With IRS to Save Client Over $33,000

BC Tax recently worked with a client to negotiate an Offer in Compromise with the IRS on an initial tax liability of over $40,000. With our years of experience and team of expert tax professionals we were able to successfully secure an agreement of $6,200 broken up into monthly payments of $300. This saved the […]

Apr 18

BC Tax Helps Business Owner Gain Favorable Agreement

A recent client of BC Tax owed the IRS over $67,700 stemming from Trust Fund Assessments imposed on the client’s business from 2014 – 2016. BC Tax was able to successfully negotiate an agreement to pay $346 a month which will allow the client to continue operating their business with piece of mind knowing that […]

Mar 18

BC Tax Negotiates an Affordable $500 Monthly Agreement on Behalf of Client

This particular client had a debt with the IRS of over $97,000 from 2006 – 2013 leaving our Client in a position of uncertainty and fear of garnishment and/or bank levies. After hiring BC Tax, work was done on the Client’s behalf by forensically combing through their financial documents to put together a compelling argument […]

Feb 18

BC Tax Removes $36,021 of IRS Penalty Charges

An Abatement of Penalties request for a liability of near $100,000 was submitted by BC Tax.  After negotiating with the IRS and providing additional documentation, $36,021.35 of the balance was removed.   

Jan 18

BC Tax Assists Client in Negotiating $125 Monthly Payment While Owing over $200k

This client had balances stemming from 2011 through 2016 totaling $227,484.01. After extensive financial review and appeals we were able to negotiate an agreement of only $125/month, so long as the taxpayer remains compliant.

Dec 17

BC Tax Saves Client $19,664 In Just 30 Days!

This client hired BC Tax on September 27th, 2017.  After a detailed review of his case during our initial conference and a thorough investigation it was determined that he qualified for an Abatement of Penalties.  Our request was submitted on October 2nd, 2017, and approval of the Penalty Abatement was granted and reflected on his […]

Nov 17

BC Tax’s Expertise Helps Client Safeguard 401k and Save Over $35,000

BC Tax was hired in December of 2015 by a client with a tax liability of $80,747.13.  Enforced collection actions were successfully held off for over 2 years while the client filed returns and got into filing/deposit requirements compliance with the IRS.  After all missing returns were filed and processed with the IRS the clients […]

Sep 17

BC Tax Helps Relieve Client’s Financial Burden with Monthly Payment of Only $163

BC Tax was hired by a taxpayer whose financial hardship from unpaid taxes to the IRS over the last 15 years amounted to over $100,000. This clients financial burden was unmanageable and the IRS was trying to collect the debt as aggressively as they could. It was through our vigorous efforts of negotiating a payment […]

Sep 17

How BC Tax Saved a Client $72,953

A recent client had several Substitute for Returns (SFR’S) filed on their behalf by the IRS; resulting in a balance owed of $79,058.38. We have been working with them since retained in 2015 on filing actual correct returns. However, due to the fact that the IRS had filed SFR’s, the processing of the actual returns […]

Aug 17

BC Tax Reversed IRS Audit of $43,000

Just last month BC Tax helped a client save $43,000 when we successfully worked with them and the IRS to reverse an Audit that appended an additional $43,000 to their liability. Most taxpayers believe that when they are audited by the IRS that the audit is final and just, when it fact it could be […]

Jul 17

Client Paid Only $51.48 On Tax Liability of Over $153,000

A recent client retained the help of BC Tax after being notified by the IRS that their business owed over $153,000 to the federal taxing agency. One of the best teams of Tax Professionals at BC Tax went to work on the case and within a few months they were able to secure a successful […]

Jul 17

BC Tax Saves Client $8,450 in IRS Penalties

While IRS penalties can seem arbitrary to taxpayers, the IRS policy is clear and deliberate on their reason for existence: to deter taxpayer noncompliance, not to generate revenue. However, that doesn’t help much when you find yourself in a situation where the IRS has tacked on additional penalties simply because you failed to file or […]

Jun 17

BC Tax Helped Remove $13,000 in IRS Penalties

Often times our clients end up owing the IRS significantly more than they originally thought due to the Penalties and Interest the IRS adds on to the amount owed. This can make it very hard to get caught up but luckily with the years of experience and thorough understanding of the tax laws, our teams […]

Apr 17

BC Tax Reduces Client’s Liability By 98%

This particular client of ours had an IRS liability stemming from 2006 through 2015 Individual Income Tax that was approximately $66,000. Even though the client had sufficient funds in an investment account to pay the liability in full, the team here at BC Tax went hard to work with the goal to save this client […]

Mar 17

BC Tax Helped Reduce Clients Tax To Just $500

A recent client of BC Tax had a tax lien filed against them for a liability of almost $50,000. With our experience and expertise in tax law and tax resolution, we were able to help the client get compliant with the IRS by completing all their old and missing tax returns with the help of […]

Feb 17

BC Tax Successfully Helps Client Remove IRS Penalties Charges

When our sales department reached out to a recent client, a doctor from Pennsylvania, he was being aggressively levied by the IRS. The taxpayer desperately needed someone experienced in tax resolution to help him get out from underneath the burden he was facing. When he hired BC Tax, LLC he thought he owed roughly $43,000 […]

Feb 17

BC Tax halts IRS collection efforts of over $182,000

One of the senior associates at BC Tax recently succeeded in halting the collection efforts of the IRS for a client that owed over $182,000. Using years of experience and thorough knowledge of local and state laws including IRS and State tax authorities, the team at BC Tax was able to protect all the client’s […]

Nov 16

BC Tax Catches IRS Error to Save Client Over $100K

A client of BC Tax recently received news that they will save over $100K after we found an error the IRS made applying payments the client was making to the wrong periods. This specific client owed over $180k but with our help is now only paying $100 a month! The Collection Statues will run before […]

Sep 16

Over $350K Liability Complaint Successfully Resolved by BC Tax

This client came aboard with BC Tax needing help after having numerous Federal Tax Liens filed against him. He had a liability to the IRS of over $350,000 spanning from 2008 through 2013. BC Tax was able to negotiate on behalf of the client with the Appeals Division of the IRS numerous times before successfully […]